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[wm_dropcap color=”blue/gray/green/orange/red” shape=”circle/half-circle/leaf-left/leaf-right/rounded-square/square” class=””]C2[/wm_dropcap]GC promotes progressive communication with our clients.  We feel that if visions and expectations are thoroughly explained and illustrated, our clients get exactly what they envisioned.

Compassion and teamwork afford C2GC Contractors to display high levels of craftsmanship that exceed our clients expectations continuously!  The effort, attention to detail, and dedication set us apart from other contractors.  Our regard for safety, and our clients needs are priorities on each project.  We provide fair and accurate analysis on our estimates, and don’t believe in short cuts.  Strict on the job policies provide for a more fluid and safe work environment for all.

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    Project Emergency Contact

    In the event of an emergency at one of our project sites, please use the following contact information for emergencies only:

    Bodily injury or life threatening injuries:   911

    All other emergencies including structural or mechanical: 1.321.249.9773

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    Subcontractor Pre-Qualification


    To be eligible to bid and contract work with C2GC, subcontractors are required to be Pre-qualified annually.


    If you are a current C2GC subcontractor, please contact C2GC Pre-qualification Team at for login credentials to update/renew your Application for Subcontractor Pre-qualification.


    If you have not worked with C2GC in the past, click the Begin Pre-qualification button below to begin your application.

    Although you may submit your application with only one uploaded attachment, your application will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed until we receive all required supporting documents (listed below).


    • General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate
    • Current Financial Statement
    • Audited Financial Statement
    • Bank Credit Availability Letter
    • Surety Capacity Letter
    • Injury, Illness and Prevention Plan / Code of Safe Practices
    • EMR Letter of Verification
    • OSHA 300 Forms
    • Current Contractors License(s)
    • Current W-9

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    • If applicable, federal, state, and/or local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise classification certificate(s)
    • If current year EMR is 1.0 or above, provide a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
    • If cited by OSHA in the last 5 years, include a brief description of each citation, Corrective Action Plan, and citation number.
    • To be considered for publicly funded projects, provide your Public Works Registration.


    • Additional Company Information
    • Quality Control Manual

    Please review the C2GC Pre-qualification Application Requirements for a copy of the questionnaire, insurance requirements, and details on what should be included with each supporting document. Request Application via email:[/wm_text_block][wm_message title=”ON-LINE APPLICATION” color=”blue” size=”m” icon=”icon-edit”]

    Our online Subcontractor eligibility application is on it’s way.  Applying for eligibility will be fast on-line and free.  Coming soon.